Join the VA Streamline Program to have The Most Impact on Your Refinance

If you're a veteran with a current VA loan, then quite honestly, the VA Streamline Program could potentially have the great impact on the amount of money that you can save with a refinance. Lenders refer to these types of refinances as VA-to-VA refinances.

You may have a lender that you love. In this case, that would be a good place to start to find a good VA Streamline refinance loan. But do not rule out the option that you could find a better deal in the VA Streamline Program with a different VA-approved lender.

For many people, including veterans not in the VA Streamline Program, refinancing your home can be super stressful. This stress and anxiety causes many people to procrastinate refinancing, even when they know they probably going to save money on the refinance.

The VA Streamline Program is arguably the VA's most popular VA Loan. It could be said that this popularity stems from the federal governments partial guarantee of this loan. Not only do veterans like the VA Streamline Program, but lender do too. They feel more comfortable, and will give lower interest rates, because they know that they are at least partially protected.

How would you spend your savings? Could you see yourself in a new boat? Would you put the money aside for a rainy day? Veterans use their savings in many different ways. The savings will be there it's completely up to you how you will use them.

In the VA Streamline Program, your new home payments must drop. It's the rule. If your lender tries to get you into a loan with a higher monthly payment, they're breaking the rules. The goal of the VA Streamline Program is to save you both on your monthly payments and over the course of the whole loan.

If you want to impact your bottom line in the most dramatic fashion with your loan refinance, you should contact one of our VA Streamline Program advisors to learn more.

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